The three letters sparking fears of another global financial crisis

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Via, It is often stated that there is a major financial crisis every 10 years or so. Having said that, it’s been a little over a decade since the Lehman Brothers collapse sparked the last global financial crisis (GFC) and with global economic growth starting to show signs of petering out, some in the media and elsewhere in the public eye are forecasting another global.

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With August 2017 marking the 10-year anniversary of the global financial crisis (GFC), there are warning signs of another financial meltdown. As household debt goes through the roof in some countries, a disturbing question is increasingly being asked – could another global financial crisis be around the corner?

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The Australian economy has slowed to the weakest level since the global financial crisis a decade ago, sparking fears of a recession.

With the growth of alternative reinsurance capital in the sector and massive government programs, as well as global institutions turning towards the securitization of catastrophic risk in response to climate change, another global financial crisis is certainly a possibility, just as the authors of the Cambridge report warn.