Localities and States Push for Wider Acceptance of Accessory Dwelling Units

Localities and States Push for Wider Acceptance of Accessory Dwelling Units During the event’s opening session, the biggest applause went to Eli Spevak, a local developer and a member of the. triplexes, rowhouses, accessory dwelling units and garden apartments. He noted.

As with many housing trends, the concept of ADUs is continuously evolving. Many states and localities across the country are pushing for wider acceptance of ADUs. For some areas, ADUs are part of the solution to address high housing costs, limited land available for development and increased interest in multi-generational living.

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Financing ADUs has remained a major challenge. But, in the future, 2019 will always be thought of as the year of ADU financing innovation. On April 29th, Portland State University convened a meeting in Washington, D.C to help flesh out some of the innovative programs that are being developed to finance ADUs.

Research and policy about accessory dwelling units: introducing a 13-part series. For years civic debate about ADUs has been like certain questions among sports aficionados. Who was the better baseball player, Babe Ruth or Willie Mays? The discussion goes round in circles, because there simply is not much evidence to be had.

This includes Accessory Dwelling units (granny flats, in-law apartments, garage apartments, etc.). This approach to the housing shortage is catching on. Last year minneapolis replaced all single-family zoning with "up to three," meaning all neighborhoods that were exclusively single-family will now allow Accessory Dwelling Units and duplexes.

Get the Daily Download. Allow accessory apartments; do not leave the decision to municipalities. Accessory apartments are secondary dwelling units located within, attached to, or on the same lot as an owner-occupied single-family house. The accessory dwelling has its own kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom or bedrooms.

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On December 5th of 2014, the City of Minneapolis approved the amendment of language to planning code that allows for the construction or addition of Accessory Dwelling Units (adus) city-wide (minneapolis city council, 12/05/2014). Previously, ADU construction had been allowed on a trial basis in select areas of the city.

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Localities and States Push for Wider Acceptance of Accessory Dwelling Units. By . Deborah Myerson. Aging parents who want to maintain a level of independence. Young adults who can’t find an affordable place to live. A person with disabilities who benefits from family support but also seeks autonomy.