Why The Los Angeles Rams’ $400 Million Stadium Deal With SoFi Seems Bizarre

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St. Louis’ plan to keep the Rams is a $400 million mistake. ( HOK) The project would mean paying a huge subsidy to a very profitable business that provides minimal benefits to the public – at the same time the city continues to pay off the debt from building the old Rams stadium, completed in 1995.

The price tag for the new los angeles rams stadium under construction in Los Angeles has reached $4.25 billion, according to L.A. Biz. The figure includes the cost of a 6,000-seat amphitheater.

The stadium will be located not in Los Angeles proper but in Inglewood, which is its own city surrounded by the city of LA (yeah, we’ve got 88 cities in Los Angeles County, deal with it).

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Hollywood Park Racetrack. In May 1995 after the departure of the Rams for St. Louis, the National Football League teams approved by a 27-1 vote with two abstentions, a resolution supporting a plan to build a $200 million, privately financed stadium on property owned by Hollywood Park for the Los Angeles Raiders.

The Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park, or LASED is the working name of an open-air.. The Los Angeles Rams were first to commit to moving to the stadium, as NFL approval for their relocation was obtained on January 12, 2016.. "Why the Los Angeles Rams' $400 Million Stadium Deal With SoFi Seems Bizarre".