What Does It Cost to Raise a Child in America?

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The cost of raising a child has increased in the last year, according to a report from the Department of Agriculture. For a middle-income family to raise a child born in 2015 through the age of 17, the cost of rearing a child has hit $233,610, according to the report.

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The Cost of Raising a Child. Middle-income, married-couple parents of a child born in 2015 may expect to spend $233,610 ($284,570 if projected inflation costs are factored in*) for food, shelter, and other necessities to raise a child through age 17. This does not include the cost of a college education.

The costs of raising a child from birth to age 17, including housing, food, clothing, health care, education, and other expenses, will come to $241,080 for a child born in 2012, up 2.6 percent.

USDA Cost of Raising a Child Calculator Please select from the lists below. Child’s Name (Optional) Age of First Child: Please Select an Age:. This is an educational tool based on USDA’s Expenditures on Children by Families, most recent report. This tool is not a recommendation to buy or.

The expenditure on children in Japan. raise taxes to pay for the cost of social security; and encourage society to be more supportive of child rearing in order to boost fertility. This study focuses on the last of these issues, namely ways to provide greater support for child

 · Total Basic Cost 902,800 minus Birth Allowance 420,000 monthly child allowance 15,000 x 12 months 180,000 If Breastfeeding (no need to purchase Milk/Formula) 120,000 Total minimum cost 182,800 Yes, having a baby in Japan is costly (just like in every other country) but its government is providing well for their younger generation.

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"The cost of raising a child depends on many factors, and can be wildly different from family to family." this is how i feel. sometimes when i see the costs next to an expense in posts or articles like this, i always say, I can get that expense lower than what’s listed.