“The Last Black Man in San Francisco” and the Fear of Being Erased

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The Last Black Man in san francisco levies plenty of criticisms against the City by the Bay but, and because, it is also deeply steeped in a love for the place. All possible flavors of great Alibi stories, events and deals delivered to your inbox each week.

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"The Last Black Man in San Francisco " is deeply, even spiritually, connected to its home city, but Joe Talbot’s film resides in such a dreamy, plaintive register that it feels like a broader.

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Joe Talbot’s ‘The Last Black Man in San Francisco’ revolves around two black San Francisco natives struggling to retain a connection to their fast-changing hometown.

Living in a single-parent home headed by his mother, who works 50 to 60 hours a week keeping the family of four fed, she has done her best to instill family values in him. While he respects his mother’s efforts, street values are more important for him. Being respected is ultimately important to him as well.

Editor’s note: J.J.’s name is being kept confidential as part of the lawsuit against the city, based on his lawyers’ fear of.

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