Student Loans Don’t Have To Keep You From Homeownership

The more student loans you carry, the less home you can afford. But, student loans don’t have to be a barrier to entry. You have means to reduce your monthly student loan payments, which can help you with your home loan approval.

Don’t let student loans keep you from homeownership! Talk with a GMFS Mortgage Loan Officer today about your options. GMFS Mortgage offers Conventional, Jumbo and Government.

A leading cause of high student loans is “requiring a bachelor’s degree for jobs that really don’t require one,” a reader.

When I talk to clients, I find many times they are letting misconceptions about borrowing keep them out of the real estate market. I’d like to share with you some. there’s a loan just for doctors,

When you pay off your student loans in full, it helps lower your DTI, but your credit score may dip slightly if you don’t have another installment loan in good standing on the books. In this scenario, to keep a good mix of credit after your loans are paid off, you might consider applying for credit in the form of a mortgage – if your.

Student Loans and Home Ownership Having student loan debt does not automatically preclude you from qualifying for a home loan. There’s a range of home loan programs that vary in requirements. You may more than likely qualify for at least one of the home purchase products even if you have a student loan.

Don’t let your student loan debt stand between you and homeownership. You have more home buying options than you might think. Let a Generations home loan specialist walk you through applying for a mortgage. Our goal is to help you find one that’s the perfect fit for your budget and your financial goals.

However, with proper planning, you don’t need to worry that your student loan debt will keep you from qualifying for a home loan. Read on for six practical ways to make home buying feasible as you manage your student loan debt.

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