Stuck in traffic jams, asking who’s to blame? The answer depends on who you ask.

You’re stopped at a green light. You’re cutting me off/have cut me off. You are pulling out such that you’re blocking an intersection. The last one absolutely KILLS me. That’s how traffic jams start. You should never be stopped in an intersection, you should only pull forward when you have enough room to pull through it.

You will find an abundance of surveys aimed at what types and durations of activities or life events respondents consider wasteful, statistics on traffic jams, and time spent online. However, in my opinion, the answer to your question is that you.

Traffic jams are a normal occurrence (Have you noticed that when driving, the same phenomenon of one car seeming to gum up the road, even if it is in its own lane on the interstate occurs?) The Congress has been a prime example of how a few rigid individuals have gummed up the whole country from moving forward with their stuckness.

Exactly this happened to me on Trent Bridge, Nottingham in 1973. A car struck my van from behind at traffic lights just turned red. I had stopped around a metre from the car in front, and was shunted into that, which was in turn shunted into the v.

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no one wanted to stop they just wanted to go. some people started fighting because of the jam and someone came and banged my porshe’s backside with a scooter. the backlight was broken because of it. after half an hour the jam cleared and when we started to move a truck came and stopped in between of the road.

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Depends who your boss is. I once got stuck in traffic for 5 1/2 hours because they shut down all lanes due to a head on collision. This happened about an hour before i jumped on the freeway and a normal hour commute between my job and where i was took 5 1/2 hours.

Family Feud Best One page answer cheat | Page 1. search page 1. question. Name something that causes traffic jams.. Name something you would not want to happen while stuck in traffic. Need The Bathroom, Run Out Of Gas, Break Down, Car Accident, Flat Tire.