Should I Pay Off Student Loans or Save for a House?

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If you’re looking to buy your first home and are saddled with student loan debt, you may have a decision to make. Should you use your resources to pay off your student loans first, save up for a.

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If consolidation is something you want to pursue, you should probably consolidate all of your federal student loans. have been low for a while. Will paying off the private loans mean having to save.

How much house can you afford?. Should you pay debts first or save? Use these guidelines to decide. Smith doesn’t see much gain in aggressively paying off a mortgage or a student loan that.

Perfectly Reasonable Position #1: I should pay as much as I can every month in order to cut into my principal, minimize the amount I pay over the life of the loan, and maximize my long-term savings. I cannot save at a better rate than my student loan rates and therefore this is the best use of my money in the long run.

Should You Pay Off Debt, or Should You Save and Invest?. After all, paying cash for a house, an education, or even a car is out of reach for most families.. it makes even less financial.

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Find a house you can comfortably afford, so you can be confident to make all your monthly payments and enjoy your new home stress-free. Have you ever been faced with the decision to save for a down payment on a house or pay off debt? Which did you go with and why?

This financial goal is a rite of passage for many Americans, but those with student loan debt may be left wondering how their debt will affect their ability to buy a home. We explore if it’s better to save for a down payment or pay off student loans first-or how you may be able to do both.

I helped pay off his credit-card debt, but he still has over $130,000 in student loans in his late 40s. Do I have a moral obligation to help pay down his loan? Should he plan to eventually die with.