Scandal-hit MPs must contest election to get redundancy payouts

US elections: The scandal-hit politicians on the ballot. By Jon Kelly BBC News Magazine, Almost three quarters ran in the following election and roughly four-fifths were re-elected, but on.

90 MPs chose to not seek reelection at the 2015 general election, meaning they were Members of Parliament in the 55th Parliament, but chose not to contest the 2015 general election. While at the previous election there had been a record 148 MPs not standing for reelection, the 90 standing down in 2015 represented a more usual number. These 90 consist of 38 Conservative, 37 Labour, 3 Independent, 1 Sinn Fin and 1 Plaid Cymru MP. The highest profile Members of Parliament leaving were Gordon.

The Resettlement Grant motherhood is the name given to the MPs’ severance pay package. It may be claimed to help former MPs with the costs of adjusting to life outside parliament. It is payable to any Member who ceases to be an MP at a general election.

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Sex-scandal-hit Liberal Democrat MP Mark Oaten is to leave Parliament at the next General Election. The 42-year-old has ended speculation over his political future by saying he will not contest.

What happens to MPs when they lose their seats? MPs who lost their seats get five working days to clear out their offices. But they do get quite a lot of money if they want it

Two more Tory MPs face fresh allegations of fraud for failing to declare the cost of running negative campaign ads online, as police forces across Britain continue to probe the election spending of Conservative candidates.

MPs take evidence on countering extremism, while in the chamber it was the second reading of the Enterprise Bill. Peers met for question time, followed by examination of bills, including Commons.

To be sure, Modi could win the national election without taking many seats in West Bengal. What could have been a close contest has changed in recent. Pollsters say they expect Modi to get a boost.

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Nationalist MPs who were suspended from the SNP after becoming embroiled in financial scandals will have to stand as independents in the general election if they are to secure redundancy payouts.

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An increasingly desperate Al Gore has vowed to contest the outcome of the Florida election if he is not declared the winner when final results are certified on Sunday. Even if his Republican rival.