Older borrowers are left out in the cold

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A first-time homebuyer’s guide to fixed vs. variable rate mortgages Points to consider when deciding on a fixed or variable rate mortgage 1. run some financial scenarios, or have a mortgage professional help you to run some. Consider the prime rate rising 1-2% over the next five years. Then calculate what that does to your variable rate and the amount of interest that you’ll pay, versus locking in. 2.

Lenders scared of offering mortgages to borrowers over the age of 40. Mortgage borrowers over the age of 40 are likely to find their options severely restricted, as lenders are fearful of future accusations of mis-selling.

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Abandonment issues: Older borrowers still out in the cold? By guy anker 8 th June 2016 9:01 am Despite the acknowledged need to cater to an ageing population, most of the big high-street lenders are not keeping up with small building societies in improving criteria for older borrowers

Some borrowers left out in the cold from rate cuts. But for new-home buyers and those looking to refinance, the Fed’s rate-cutting campaign has provided little relief. Rates on 30-year mortgages fell to about 5.75 percent earlier this week, amid anticipation that the Fed would slash its key federal-funds rate by a full percentage point.

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