My no-spend year and how I survived

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 · Zero Day Challenge. That is the Zero Day Challenge. In the Zero Day Challenge, we gamify these no spend days. I refer to them as “zero days.” Every day, you track your spending. If you didn’t spend any money, it counts as a “zero day.” You track how.

Now, she and husband survive month-to-month on his $1,700. "It’s been a rough couple of years, and I’ll be paying for it for years to come, because I took such a hit on my credit," he adds. Part of.

My no-spend year and how I survived. She cycled 120 miles to a wedding, gave up wine and her lunch budget was just 51p a day. One woman’s mission to save 25,000. Damian Whitworth.

The concept behind a no-spend week is to save money that you normally would have spent in order to achieve some other goal. Be sure you have a plan on what to do with that extra money because it makes it much easier to not spend when you have the extra motivation. For me, my no-spend month was so I could have extra money to pay off debt.

My first no spend grocery challenge was a few years ago, in the month of January. I always try to cut expenses in January and try to recover from Christmas. However, what really inspired me was a book I read, The Nightingale.

A no spend month is a great way to save a ton of money.. Really, anytime is a great time for a no spend month – I encourage you to try it no matter what time of year it is!. your money leaks are and just how little you can actually survive on. My challenge to you, friends, is to join me for my no spend month.

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