Months after getting out of the NRA insurance business, headaches pile up for Lockton

Insurer Lockton will no longer offer NRA gun owner insurance More than two dozen companies have cut ties with the NRA in a week. Kira Lerner Twitter Feb 26, 2018, 9:55 pm

The NRA’s lawsuit comes days after lockton cos. agreed to pay a $7 million fine to the New York Department of Financial Services for violating New york insurance laws through its administration of.

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The NRA has sued an affiliate of Kansas City-based Lockton Cos., accusing the insurance broker of breaching its fiduciary duty to the. Months after getting out of the NRA insurance business, headaches pile up for Lockton.

The public campaign was launched Oct 19th, about two months after the organizations sent private letters to Chubb and Lockton asking the companies to end their work with the NRA. Guns Down is a bolder, broader movement calling for dramatically fewer guns in America, and for making them dramatically harder to get.

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NRA Firearms Insurance – Anyone ever file a claim? General Gun Discussion. etc. I just want to find out if your experience with NRA was positive.or negative. Thanks and peace! #2 08-23-2010, 04:59 PM. I filed a claim and got my 1K in about a month after filing the claim. Steve.

On February 26, Lockton joined them and announced they would stop brokering all NRA insurance policies. With Lockton’s decision to no longer broker the policy, and Chubb’s decision to no longer under write it, Carry Guard will end unless another insurer decides to assume the risks Lockton and Chubb found too risky and contriversal.

In its lawsuit, the NRA alleges that Cuomo, Vullo and DFS forced insurance carriers and banks to quit doing business with the pro-gun group out of fear of retaliation by the state of New York.

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