LendInvest securitises GBP 259 million of UK mortgage loans

Mortgage marketplace LendInvest has announced that it will enter the regulated home loan market for the first time after securing up to GBP 200 million in funding from hsbc uk.. lendinvest’s first home loan product will launch this year, offering short-term bridging finance to homeowners for terms of up to 12 months.

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LendInvest completes first 259 million GBP securitization.. LendInvest has securitised 259m of UK prime Buy-to-Let mortgage loans.

Money Dashboard, a UK-based online personal financial management service, is set to close its equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube with more than 3.7 million.

The 130 million lending fund offers investors the opportunity to participate in a diverse pool of real estate-backed loans originated and underwritten by LendInvest’s experienced underwriting team. The fund aims to deliver a sustainable, uncorrelated income yield to its investors with strong downside protection.

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UK Mortgage / London Mortgage. M ortgageWise, a boutique mortgage consultancy firm based in Singapore, now brings you the most comprehensive solution for all your property investments needs in UK be it for a new purchase or remortgaging of existing loans.And we cater to all investors in UK property whether you are foreign or local to Singapore.

The amount you can borrow depends on the type of loan you require and the underlying security, but, generally, our loans range between 75,000 and 7.5 million. Please refer to our Product Guide for more information.

LendInvest, a marketplace for property finance, has securitised GBP259 million of UK prime Buy-to-Let mortgage loans in an oversubscribed RMBS transaction. LendInvest says it is the UK’s first marketplace platform to securitise its own assets.

We can often use assets as part of the transaction, such as a personal pension, stock portfolio or other property, and lender criteria and rates are much more flexible for million pound mortgages. additional methods of borrowing may be available namely second charge loans, getting a further advance from a current lender as well as unsecured.

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Specialist property lender LendInvest lent 500m to help professional property investors, developers and landlords buy, build or renovate c.1,800 homes during 2017. This marks a 33% increase on the previous year’s 375m lending record. Christian Faes, co-founder and chief executive at LendInvest.

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