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Take note The calculation of how much you need for a comfortable retirement plan is a one-time task – on Excel or with a financial advisor. Photo: Nagara Gopal – The Hindu BLink_Saving at 60 age_rev

AskIndia How much money is enough to retire at 40 in india submitted 3 years ago by planet_jupiter Considering that one already has a house and the yearly spending on the current basis is 3-4 LPA.

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If the rate of return is 8%, you will need SIP of 13,085 to create the same corpus. Most good mutual fund schemes have given returns of 12% or more in the past 15 years How not to ruin your retirement

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When you truly want something you will come up with solutions rather than excuses and you’ll get inspired instead of finding faults. Imagine in your mind’s eye for a moment all the positive reasons why you want to retire early like Family-time, Freedom, Health, Low-Stress, Travel, Security etc.

Retirement is one of the most important stages of your life for which you work and should save for. With the break-up of the joint family system in India, increase in longevity (life expectancy) due to advanced medical innovations, shorter work-span and lower job security; ‘ Retirement Planning ‘ assumes greater importance.

CALCULATE ADDITIONAL CORPUS NEEDED FOR RETIREMENT Once you calculate the total retirement corpus needed at 60 and how much your existing corpus will grow by 60, computing the additional corpus.

The Retirement Planner will help you understand how much you need to grow your wealth before you retire and how to plan for it. Expenses in first year of retirement Estimate your cost of living in.

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If you have retired in another country but want to move to India, you would normally need a visa. However, there is no specific retirement visa for India. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to get a permanent resident visa as Indian law restricts foreigners to live in India permanently.