Head sacked over friendship with paedophile

Head sacked over friendship with paedophile. Frances Gibb, Legal Editor. March 15 2018, 12:01am, The Times. Caroline Reilly remained friends with Ian Selwood after he was convicted of child sex.

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Convicted paedophile caught serving Happy Meals to kids is sacked by McDonald’s after being exposed by The Sun. A PAEDOPHILE was sacked by McDonald’s yesterday after he was exposed by The.

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A ‘dishonest’ headteacher faces being banned from teaching for life after not informing employers that she was friends with a convicted paedophile. Caroline Reilly, 54, took the job at the.

Britain’s deportation disgrace: In few places is it more clear that the deportation system is broken than in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, one of the many northern towns to be rocked by child sexual-grooming scandals.. Abdul Rauf, 50, goes about his daily business in the UK as though he hasn’t a care in the world.

Sacramento judge stuns courtroom by ordering probation over prison Sacramento judge stuns courtroom by ordering probation over prison | The Sacramento Bee. Sacramento judge stuns courtroom by ordering probation over prison. and that they needed to go to.

A teacher has been sacked for a string of inappropriate classroom incidents, including one where he made beeping noises while holding a pedometer near a student to "suggest he was a paedophile".

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A primary school head teacher was sacked after failing to disclose her friendship with a man convicted of making indecent images of children. Caroline Reilly became friends with Ian Selwood about ten years before she applied to be a head teacher. In 2003 they bought a property together and ha | Employment law

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Leading public school head sacked just days into new term after saying his boys ‘just don’t work hard enough’ Chris Davis, 53, has been dismissed from 32,00-a-year Sherborne School

I would describe him as a paedophile and I think he is someone who only thinks about himself and has taken full advantage of.