Hackers steal $90,000 from Lawrence dentist in growing real estate fraud scheme

A dentist from Lawrence loses around $90,000 after becoming a victim to a fraud scheme. The notorious fraud scheme was the one, which for many years has plagued real estate industry. As per the lawsuit filed by the dentist named Howard Ritchey Jr. in the U.S. District Court of Kansas City, Kansas, Ritchey had initiated a down payment for a house last year. He landed up falling prey to the hackers instead, where an amount of $88,338 was robbed off by the hackers from him.

Subject: Hackers Allegedly Steal $1.5 Million From D.C. Couple In Home-Buying Phishing Scheme Anonymous Well, it is if you think that a chartered bank likely has better IP security protocols than a title insurance company.

Hackers steal $90,000 from Lawrence dentist in growing real estate fraud scheme – The Kansas City Star A Lawrence dentist lost nearly $90,000 after falling victim to a notorious fraud scheme that has plagued the real estate industry for several years.

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New real estate and mortgage fraud scams are hitting buyers and sellers hard as criminals get sophisticated and digitally savvy. Hackers and scammers are getting smarter and are increasingly targeting juicy opportunities to feed off of the big sums being exchanged in real estate transactions.

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Hackers steal 4.5M patients’ data. Whatever the case, the incident is a severe blow to the Tennessee-based company, which earlier this month agreed to pay $98.2 million to the federal government to resolve a fraud investigation into its Medicare and Medicaid billing practices.

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Hackers Steal $90,000 from Kansas Dentist in Growing Real Estate Fraud Scheme Kansas City Star | November 27, 2018 A lawsuit alleges that the title, mortgage and real estate companies involved in the homebuyer’s transaction failed to warn him of the scam or take precautions to prevent it.