Female Rufous Zeratus

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Female ruby-throated hummers lay up to three broods a year, in groups of one-three eggs, most typically two, which hatch after 10-14 days. The mother continues to feed the chicks for another four to seven days, and the chicks fledge and leave the nest 18-22 days after hatching.

Green-backed Rufous cannot be reliably separated from Allen’s in the field without extensive experience and a good view of the spread tailfeathers through a scope. Adult female: Green back and crown, white breast, streaked throat, rufous sides and base of tail feathers, white tips on outer tail feathers.

A perched female rufous hummingbird western rufous hummingbirds migrate through the Rocky Mountains and nearby lowlands during May to September to take advantage of the wildflower season. They may stay in one local region for the entire summer, in which case the migrants, like breeding birds, often aggressively take over and defend feeding locations.

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Rufous hummingbirds are polygamous and will mate with several partners, with males tempting females with oval or J-shaped dives and figure-8 courtship displays. A female builds the cup-shaped nest of plant down and spider silk decorated with moss, lichen, and bark, typically positioned as high as 30 feet in a tree.

Adult male and female rufous-tailed scrub robin look alike and measure about 6 inches (150 mm) long with relatively long legs and a large rounded tail. The upper parts are a rich brownish chestnut, with the rump and uppertail coverts rather more rufous.

The brilliant orange male and the green-and-orange female Rufous Hummingbird are relentless attackers at flowers and feeders, going after (if not always defeating) even the large hummingbirds of the Southwest, which can be double their weight. Rufous Hummingbirds are wide-ranging, and breed farther north than any other hummingbird.

How Allen’s Hummingbird is Distinctive. Female and juvenile Allen’s and Rufous Hummingbirds are extremely difficult to differentiate in the field. Rufous has a much larger range, though; Allen’s Hummingbird one of the most restricted breeding and wintering ranges of any U.S.-breeding hummingbird.

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The latest Tweets from Rufous (@rufous). Give it a poke and see if it wiggles. Though it be not written down, yet forget not that I am an ass.