DFW among nation’s top home markets as prices keep moving up

Home prices in DFW overheated by up to 14 percent. Homes throughout the Lone Star state are also 10 to 14 percent overvalued, based on the Fitch ratings report. texas, along with the western United States and Florida, is exceeding supporting economic fundamentals, researchers say, with a particular focus on major metro markets like Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Portland.

The C-CPI is also known as the Chained Consumer Price Index. It is a new index created by the government because the CPI failed to take into account that consumers would shift their purchases as prices went up or down. So, if the price of beef went up, consumers may switch to chicken which is less expensive. The C-CPI factors in those decisions.

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The dallas-fort worth area has long been a thriving housing market and it looks like it’s continuing to grow. While demand surges, home values in the DFW metro are experiencing a boost while area homeowners are seeing average returns of 33 percent.

Texas economy falls from No. 3 to 21 in rankings, probably due to oil slump. By W. Gardner Selby on Tuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 2:00 a.m.

HYDERABAD: Driven by the American Dream, a large number of Indians are making the US their home’ — many among them from the two states of Telangana and AP. Flushed with moolah, these buyers are.

You could have gotten a nice, big house, with a front porch and vintage style, for a steal. The only requirement would have been some tender loving care in rehabilitating the property back to its full potential. Now the houses there are going for over $300,000.

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Actor Ken Kercheval, who played blundering Texas oilman Cliff Barnes on TV’s iconic "Dallas" oil opera, has died in his Indiana hometown, according to a local funeral home. He was 83. The Frist.

Non-Hispanic whites and Hispanic residents of all races end up in New York, but their preferences after that diverge. Boston and Denver are popular among whites, but don’t even register in the top 10.

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