Democrats to stage hearing tying Brownback’s ‘Kansas Experiment’ to GOP tax plan

For Democrats, Kansas has become Exhibit A in their prosecution of the Trump tax cuts. It’s routinely cited as evidence the new GOP proposal won’t grow the economy or pay for itself, and that proposed business tax reduction similar to Brownback’s will create a new loophole for wealthy individuals to exploit.

Kansas’ controversial tax cuts will get the Washington spotlight Wednesday as Senate Democrats conduct a partisan hearing to draw national attention to the political and financial mess they say.

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Kansas Republicans Sour on Their Tax-Cut Experiment The state legislature nearly reversed Governor Sam Brownback’s signature policy after a voter rebellion. His economic legacy, one GOP lawmaker.

Thoughts on Sam Brownback’s tax plan? (self.Republican) submitted 1 year ago * by [deleted] Kansas is set to roll back their ambitious tax plan. Not only did Kansas have problems with deficits and paying for public utilities, they also didn’t have growth like they forecasted.. The democrats.

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Democrats to stage hearing tying Brownback’s ‘Kansas Experiment’ to GOP tax plan-mcclatchydc The rocky start for the republican tax reform bill is a troubling sign of things to come -Business Insider Joe Scarborough laughs until he cries watching Sean Hannity’s live television humiliation -Daily Kos

It’s been five years since Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) launched his economic "experiment." The latest job numbers from the state let us know how it’s going. From bad to worse for Sam Brownback’s.

Nothing’s the Matter With Kansas.. tie his defeat to tax cuts, they believe they can make Brownback the "poster child" for what not to do and force the GOP to come up with a whole new game.

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Kansas voters rebuke Brownback, tax plan By H. Edward Flentje. 15 to newly-elected democrats. centrist republicans gained 16 seats in the House, nine seats in the Senate, and will likely chose.

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Gillespie Pitches the Phony Math That Kansas Republicans Just Rejected When something seems too good to be true, that’s because it usually is. Kansas Republicans just found that out the hard way. After five years of financial chaos, the Republican-dominated legislature voted to end the infamous brownback tax cuts that put the state in shambles.