Democrats Closer to Seeing Trump Finance Records With Ruling

At stake is control of the House and Senate, which, if wall street analysts‘ "baseline" expectations are to be believed (expectations that are based on polling data from the same firms that spectacularly failed to predict the rise of President Trump) Democrats will pick up at least 30 House seats – seven more than the 23 needed to flip control.

see also Judge sides with House committee seeking Trump’s financial records The lower court’s decision Monday handed an early setback to the Republican president in his legal battle with congressional.

The proposed changes to state law were made amid a battle going on in Washington over Trump’s federal returns. Democrats are seeking six years of Trump’s personal and business tax returns to aid a.

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Trump has been fighting to keep the information private since Democrats took control of the House in November. His lawyers have asked a federal judge to quash subpoenas for financial records from Deutsche Bank AG and Capital One Financial Corp., with a hearing set for May 22 in New York.

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Earlier: Democrats Closer to Seeing trump finance records With Ruling Neal has asked Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin three times for six years of Trump’s federal personal and business returns,

2 days ago · A federal judge has denied a request from House Democrats to speed up a lawsuit seeking president Donald Trump’s tax returns. On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden said in his ruling there are "only a narrow set of cases that must skip to the front of the line." And the House Ways and Means Committee failed to prove its lawsuit is one of them.

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Democrats inch closer to ultimate prize: Trump’s financial records. trump organization appeals ruling giving Democrats access to Trump’s financial records from former accounting firm.

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The pressure is mounting for a long-awaited look at President Donald Trump’s financial records and on Wednesday. the New York Department of Taxation and Finance commissioner could allow three.