China’s Economic “Super-Weapon” Would Devastate Its Rare-Earth Exporters

 · The number one U.S. export to China is "scrap and trash". 28.. China produces more than 90 percent of the global supply of rare earth elements. 38. China is now the number one supplier of components that are critical to the operation of U.S. in a struggling U.S. economy, China does not want to trade its investment in U.S. Treasury debt.

On the contrary, some other studies considered that there was a limited influence of China’s rare earth policies on the international markets (Müller et al., 2012). Nevertheless, almost all studies concluded that China’s rare earth export restrictions would lower the supply of rare earths to the rest of the world.

It was a signal that China can turn off the taps on rare earths exports to the US if pushed much further. Yet such a step would devastate its rare earth exporters; it would show the world they cannot rely on China as a supplier; and it would be the final(?) nail in the coffin of a ‘macro 101’ model of how the world works.

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Update 4/17: The paper’s author, dutch virologist ron fouchier, has announced that he plans on resubmitting his paper to Science without an export permit. In March, a US advisory panel reversed its.

China’s Economic "Super-Weapon" Would Devastate Its Rare-Earth Exporters. TRUMP TWEET: Responds to downing of Navy drone with ominous warning to Iran. Florida Business Owner Found Guilty of Millions in Food Stamp Fraud.

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China’s Economic "Super-Weapon" Would Devastate Its Rare-Earth Exporters. MEHR news. Iran not to negotiate until Washington shows respect to Tehran. The U.S. Navy’s Next Submarines Will Be Drone-Carrying Super Special Forces Boats. An F-16 Fighter Jet Fell Through the Roof of a California.