Child stair gates fail safety tests and pose ‘serious risk’

Child stair gates fail safety tests and pose ‘serious risk’ The Guardian – Rebecca Smithers Consumer affairs correspondent. Eight popular child stair gates have failed recent safety tests carried out by a consumer group, exposing a "serious risk" for the youngsters they are designed to protect.

Read about Accidents and their Prevention and get accident prevention information for domestic accidents.. patients who fail to comply with medical driving regulations, if they are a serious risk to the public.. Use stair gates until the child is aged 2 years; teach older children how to.

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We warned parents not to buy children’s stair gates that demonstrated serious safety failures in our testing. Read more Samples of the Dreambaby Retractable Gate, Lindam Easy Fit Plus deluxe safety gate and Safetots Self-closing gate (when fitted with adhesive pads) all failed to meet the criteria for the fatigue test.

Install smoke alarms, test them weekly. Watch your child at all times, as children do not understand danger. Use stair gates, correctly secured.. The cut fails to heal. should be stored in a high locked cupboard.. Photos posed by models.

To find the best baby gates of 2019, we pulled together over a dozen safety gates and put them through hands-on testing and evaluation. We considered gate installation location (doorway, hallway, stairs), sturdiness, safety, ease of installation and use, and flexibility to fit into all sorts of situations.