Challenge to Sturgeon on ‘cronyism’

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Meanwhile the malaise associated with the one-party state syndrome seeped into the party’s bones – complacency, conservatism, careerism and cronyism – and Labour is now paying a heavy price for its tin ear and blind eye. Back in 2011 two weeks into the Scottish Parliament elections I attended a meeting in Labour HQ in my role as media.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been asked to investigate allegations of cronyism over a funding deal for the T in the Park music festival.. Call for probe into T in the Park funding.

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What Shona Robison represents is cronyism, back in the day; the only real threat to Nicola Sturgeon was the ‘Golden couple’ from Dundee, Robison and her husband stewart hosie.At SNP Conferences, the Golden couple’ had everything to propel them to the leadership, top jobs, brand names and family.

Challenge to Sturgeon on ‘cronyism’. Coming on top of claims of cronyism following the Scottish Government’s award of 150,000 to the company behind T in the Park, for whom a former SNP government special adviser was working, and continued finger-pointing from the opposition parties.

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Scottish independence: Yes Scotland is looking like an SNP crony ridden pit as another member of the Salmond/ Sturgeon clique gets a job, how many now Alex? Dear All It seems that another member of the Alex Salmond/ Nicola Sturgeon middle class clique has climbed aboard the Yes Scotland campaign or as I prefer to call it the SNP’s ATM.

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Challenge to Sturgeon on ‘cronyism’ contents limits closing costs Nonprofits worry charitable donations Eastern shore distributed .2 million Troubled amethyst project Middle class men What Shona Robison represents is cronyism, back in the day; the only real threat to Nicola Sturgeon was the ‘Golden couple’ Read more.

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