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This is a standard residential mortgage, albeit an “interest-only” one, that’s available for house purchase or remortgage, and which can also. but some older people may be able to get a cheaper.

Other mortgage types you might want to consider if you’re looking to remortgage include: capped rate mortgage: a capped rate mortgage is a variable rate mortgage, but there is a limit to how high the rate can go. This can be useful if you want a variable rate mortgage, but also want to avoid unaffordable payments if the rate rises.

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It generally takes around four to eight weeks although it can be completed quicker if necessary. How do I know if I have a good remortgage rate? Don’t get caught out hunting for the ‘best rate’.

News > Business > Business News Remortgaging your home: Should you do it in 2018? Remortgaging can help you save money and guard against any interest rate rises, although there are some downsides.

‘Help to buy’ scheme benefits home buyers who don’t need help The Help to Buy ISA is a special savings account designed to help first-time buyers get on the property ladder. You can save up to 200 a month into the account (with an additional boost of 1,200 in the first month) and any interest you receive on your cash will be paid tax-free.

See if you can save money by remortgaging to a lower rate. Just enter your details in our remortgage calculator to compare remortgaging deals. Our current rate is 3.89% and we have 21 years remaining on the full term of the mortgage. Is it cost-effective to remortgage to get a low interest rate now, and pay the subsequent early redemption.

How VA home loans work How VA Loans Work The Department of Veterans Affairs does not issue VA Home Loans, To qualify for a VA Loan a potential homebuyer should first. VA Loan entitlement is the guarantee from the Department. I have bad credit, or I’ve declared bankruptcy. Can I.

Remortgage comparison helps you to weight up the merits and drawbacks of the different deals that are available, as well as to get a sense of what the range of options are in terms of payment and rates. Remortgage calculators also help to work out what the financial impact of a remortgage will be, and can therefore feed into your decision.

Traditionally, variable mortgages came with lower interest rates; this isn’t necessarily the case anymore and the introductory offers on some fixed rate mortgages can rival those of variable mortgages. In general, however you can obtain a better interest rate by opting for a variable mortgage-but you have to be prepared to see it change.

Can I remortgage to buy another property? Yes. Remortgaging may be a good way to fund either the deposit on a second property or even buy it outright. The property can either be a second home for yourself – either in the UK or abroad – or a buy to let. You may find that a remortgage works out cheaper than the specialist buy-to-let mortgages.