Active Query Builder for .NET WPF v3.5.20

Active Query Builder for .NET – the visual query designer, SQL parser and editor component for WinForms, ASP.NET and wpf. active query builder gives the end-user the highly productive environment to work with SQL queries and data. It lets ease understanding of database schema, by displaying relevant metadata for the user.

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Active Query Builder for .NET; Active Query Builder for Delphi, Java, and ActiveX; Still have a question?. Active Query Builder WPF Edition Tips How to customize the appearance of controls in the WPF version by applying custom XAML style?

VB.NET Demo Projects for Active Query Builder for .NET – WPF Edition Also, check the C# Demo projects repository for the same demos in C#. What is Active Query Builder for .NET? Active Query Builder is a component suite for different .NET environments: WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET.It includes:

ASP.NET Edition includes new AQB.Web.UseRelativePaths property for improved handling of virtual directories.

Active Query Builder 3 WPF Edition Visual SQL Query Builder for WinForms that lets users build ad-hoc SQL queries with sub-queries. Active Query Builder has full support of all popular database servers and appropriate SQL dialects.. + Controls to edit properties of supported .NET DB connection libraries have been made. *

Active Query Builder for .NET is a visual SQL query builder .net component that allows your end-users to build complex sql queries via an intuitive visual query building interface easily. active query Builder renders all SQL features, such as sub-queries and unions, very easy to accomplish and provides both SQL beginners and experienced query.